A 50 min long movement score by Kasper Ravnhøj (Mute Comp)

Performed and co-created by the acting students of NTA

Gravity is a hardcore physical performance where the students are challenged by the driving force of gravitation. For 50 minutes the students will try to explain the laws of gravity of the universe.

In this production NTA's second year acting students will share the research on gravity they have been exploring with award winning director Kasper Ravnhøj of the Denmark based company Mute Comp. Through improvisation, exploring the limits of physical risk and dependency on human contact, students have been discovering the challenges of "just" being a body in relation to gravity, and working with momentum, force and rhythm as content. Audiences are invited to this presentation to witness the ongoing research. The experience is a theater of light, flesh, and kinetic energy in space.

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