Slideshow image from a lecture by Beate (character played by Karoline C Holland) at a fake conference about Failure and art by NARTnART international, hosted by HAUT and Teatret Zeppelin in Copenhagen 2022
NARTnART WWIORPCPH (World Wide International Open Research Platform Copenhagen)
A fake conference playing with sense and nonsense in an academic art setting.

Format: IN PROCESS Residency at HAUT
Genre: Comedic immersive sharing research platform lecture performance
Residency at Teatret Zeppelin: 02.-08.05.2022

Karoline C. Holland, Flux Krämer, Linn Haldrup Lorenzen, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen

Karoline C. Holland as Beate / B8
Flux Krämer as Guggi
Tone Haldrup Lorenzen as Kæy A.N.I.M.A.L.E.S.
Linn Haldrup Lorenzen as Olli

Webseries production: 
Main cinematographer: Flux Krämer
Video editor of mockumentary episodes: Karoline Clasen Holland
Video editor of performances: Flux Krämer

NARTnART is co-produced by CuntsCollective
Interview with the characters of NARTnART
by Bastard blog

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