1st year Independent production 
at Norwegian Theatre Academy

Concept: Felipe Osorio Guzman, Durga Bishwokarma, Karoline C. Holland, Flux Krämer, Mariëlle de Bruijn, Rasmus Jensen

A performance split in two inspired by the finding of 1000 cans of expired beans. 
The audience was split in two groups after they had chosen or not chosen to sign a (fake) contract about taking full responsibility for own reaction to eating expired white beans. 
The ones who signed the contract were led outside to a tent and was offered food and story telling time by the 'waiters' Rasmus Jensen and Durga Bishwokarma. 
The ones who did not sign the contract were led into a space transformed by the cans of white beans - some empty some full. It was presented as an exhibition space but where three of the guests were 'performing' or showcasing the different forms the beans had taken in the space.
In the end the outside people joined the people inside and that was the end. 

Thanks to UMS (United Mega Store) for giving us permission to take their trash.

Process photos: 

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